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Would there ever be a love story from the point of view of a
    man that woman would watch and react to like a regular love
       story or Rom-com?

Regular men do not define love in the way women do.
Romantic novels, love stories and Rom-coms would not work if they where written for men.

I think it would be just a short story intermittent with nudity, drinking partying and porn.

Like in movies, I seem to think that a sex scene would not really take that long in a romance novel for men unless you get heavy into the Erotic foreplay like Anais Nin.
Even then it still is based on how fast you read it. It's like seeing foreplay in a porno and fast forwarding to the good parts.

I have a good imagination but when it comes to sex I am more visual/physical.
I can understand how housewives and underage women can get into romantic novels that slather on the romance and foreplay to the point where sex in those books are more of a descriptive gang bang. Since there are so many factors that fill a romantic novel, I felt I should try writing a scene explaining myself albeit from a women's point of view:

It was a dark night.
The cold air ran down my back. Every hair in my body stood up as I looked out into the sea. The salty air filled my lungs. I start to walk along the coast, when I notice a dark hooded figure in the distance. I stop and stare at the hooded figure with curiosity and fear. My heart is racing. I can no longer hear the waves crashing against the shore.
The hooded figure removes his cloak... my heart stops.

It is a man like no other. A Adonis.

His body appeared as if it where crafted by a Greek god.
A rush of blood fills my cheeks and runs down my body. I feel a burning in my loins. The Adonis signals towards me.  What will I do. I know I must run, but every part of my body makes
me move forward. Every step makes me moist with passion. Yes!,no,Yes!,no,Yes!,no,Yes!......
The moon shines off his perfectly chiseled abs. He looks at me like a wolf waiting for his prey. I stop in front of him, gazing into his eyes as I hesitate to touch his chest. My breasts swell in anticipation of his touch. His gaze has me hypnotized.
With a firm tone he tells me to turn around and close my eyes. I could not stop myself. He moves my hair as I feel his hot breath on my neck. He caresses my belly, as he slowly runs his hands down my thigh.....

Now I just wrote that in a couple of minutes.
I have Never read a romance novel. The closest I have gotten is seeing a cover of an open shirt Fabio holding a woman on the beach at night looking passionately into his eyes under moonlight. (I just made that up too.)
It would have a sexy name like. "Midnight Passions" or "Stranger at the Beach".
I also have to note that I am not a writer, novelist or anything like that, hell there must be tons of orthographic and grammatical errors in this whole piece. And I do not pretend to know anything about a women's Physique, for I am not a woman. This is merely my heterosexual male opinion and I mean no disrespect (but with a shave and a haircut I could probably pass for a fat butch lesbian...think of Chaz Bono but cute...and Latino) ( and no offense to actual lesbians).

Now in that short excerpt I haven't even got to the sex and I am pretty sure that some, if not all women who read it could close there eyes and imagine themselves in that situation.
Like some woman have rape fantasies or just having that moment where they give in to the passion of being taken. They submit to that animal instinct that most women hate men for. (Where all dogs, I know.)

Now a better writer than I, could easily write a scene that can fill a women's imagination and spark that tingly sensation not only in their hearts but there genitals. Some just by reading that scene could easily blush, feel hot, flustered or even a little wet.

Most men would really read this and get mad cause the guy ain't getting to the point or they use the same moves or better ones and most would get bored.
Seeing it written down is like hearing someone describe how there going to throw the ball to you before they throw it, but in a literal way.
They would describe how the mind will send a signal......blah,blah......muscle will contract to grasp the ball......blah,blah.....blood flow rushes through the finger tips to twist the ball......(haha that sounded kinda sexual....but I digress)
A man would just throw it. It's more instinct than a thought. Even though there was thought behind it, that thought doesn't disrupt the action.

And reading it only prolongs the inevitable.

That scene is written from the man's point of view would not sound appealing to women. Let alone a whole book filled with that. (Don't ask , I am not gonna write it. Just imagine and take in mind that a man thinks very differently from a woman.) (Eww, Nasty!)

Woman are verbal. It's mostly about how they feel. A romance novel for a woman can fill more than 500+ pages.
A man's version of a romance novel could fill a comic book, because we are visual. We are more analytical. We are more to the point.
With the amount of pages of a women's romance novel we could make multiple hard cover graphic novels of a man's version. Probably make it into a paperback after the first three prints have sold out.


I kinda lost myself there. Now where was I ?????    
Oh Yeah!

¿Could they make a Rom-Com, Love Story or Romance Novel from a man's point of view that regular women would watch and have the same reaction to?

Any suggestions, comments, insults, examples, basically anything is welcome and encouraged. Feel free to tear me a new one if you want (I can take it).

Please no comments about any orthographic or grammatical errors
(If there are to many errors for you to handle (OCD) feel free to send me a corrected version and I will post it.)

                             (José O. Cuevas Jr.)
It started from a thought about how most men have to see Rom-Coms and romantic movies with there girlfriends or wives.....and I just wanted to know if the tables were turned would women watch our versions of that......

And if it is possible to make a Male romance novel or movie?.....

ANY opinion is greatly appreciated.
Tropicalknight Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012
I like the idea a lot but I feel conflicted on giving an opinion or suggestion about it because lets be honest the man sometimes really likes the foreplay if it is really good then the payoff is way better sometimes ( something my girlfriend kinda slowly force me to learn ) which I dont mind and I like it but sometimes I also just want to let my instincs go wild right off the beggining. I think we all been in both situations and I really think women are the same is just that they need a little gas so their engine gets more power ( horrible I know :P ) but theres also those weird times when they are on our side of the fence and they just want to let their animal instinct take over.

Mmm....I guess one of the main things about romance novels is the useless or crappy drama leading to the part we as men like. The poor girl trying to romance the rich boy, the middle age woman that just got divorce and want to find ''fresh meat'' but wants a man that thinks of her feelings yada yada yada. Well thats 1 point I guess the other would be what you are trying to explain but is harder than it sounds. I personally liked a romantic comedy movie that the girl was a superhero and she felled in love with a normal guy , that story writes itself and it was fun to watch.

One problem that I also see is that you will still need drama , conflict something to make the reader care for the the story and so you have enough story time to develop the characters so the readers give a shit about them (pardon the expression). I think another good example would be that porn movie that is about pirates the one they even released with the sex scenes censored because (and this is surprising) men actually liked it a lot. Another example would be when we were little and we loved Lara Croft not only as a video game character and hero but as an ideal girl that one would like to be with.I think Lara Croft (in the video games) was perfect for what I think you are trying to do at that time because women could relate to her as a strong woman , brave,rich,pretty,etc and men also like her and wanted her ( or an equiv. in the real world).

Anyway I think you need to write a bit more so we can see exactly what you mean and how its different from the traditional adult or normal romantic comedy and then we can be in a better position to give opinions or suggestions but I like the idea.
djgoldengorilla Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for replying. I hope to make a new version of this or just a part two once i get my marbles together. Your opinion is very valid and i agree with a lot of what your saying.

Pirates was a great example but it was the soft core version that took off(kinda like cinemax). The blockbuster version was completely nurfed, they got into bed and then it cut to the ending.

Lara Croft was a good idea but that went more towards the gaming side. Even though i am a gamer. It still wouldn't really stop a guy from playing it. A women maybe would be put off even though shes a strong women thats kicking ass in the story, taking names and doin what she wants i would see that most women just didn't like it because all they see is a game made by guys with a girls with big guns and boobs. That way they wouldn't give it a chance.

Other than telling a girl the story before she bought you think you can convince a woman just by looking at the cover to buy "Lollipop Chainsaw" men would buy it. Last time i checked it was a love story more suited for girls. "but who cares she has a chainsaw shes hot and she wears skimpy outfits".

Haha sorry got away from myself again.

Well again thanks "C" and if you have any friends(girls or guys)
who you think might have an opinion....(good or bad) please feel free to share it. I would love to read it.

I hope to get more opinions in the future so i can really give it a good answer or solution. hell maybe i'll even find someone to write it.
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